Tuesday, 1 August 2017


We're officially 5 weeks today and I'm going around like the cat that's got the cream! I still can't believe that we're this lucky and IVF worked for us on the first go. I feel so blessed. Of course it's early days so we can't get too ahead of ourselves just yet. We have the first scan two weeks tomorrow at which point I'll be 7+1.

A few days after the clinic confirmed our positive blood test I decided to POAS (pee on a stick!) just so I could get the feeling of seeing a positive result. The second line came up straight away and it was amazing to see after years of viewing negative results.

In terms of symptoms I'm getting very mild acid reflux at least once a day, mild nausea and feeling very tired so I usually take a nap in the afternoon! I also feel really thirsty and urinate frequently. On the day my period would have been due I had really bad period-like cramps which felt just like when I'm about to come on. Since then these have eased up a lot and I'm barely noticing them anymore.

I'm still getting these awful stabbing/ripping type pains though (mainly on the lower left side but sometimes on the right) which I believe are something to do with my ovaries. I'm not sure why this is happening but I'm guessing it could be my body recovering from egg collection. I'll ask the clinic when I go in a few weeks.

Another thing I've noticed is I'm still incredibly bloated which I believe is partly down to the progesterone I'm taking. My belly looks very pregnant which is crazy considering I'm only 4 weeks. I went to a party at the weekend and was really paranoid that people might wonder why I look so fat. It's that bad that it's hard to disguise and when I saw the photos afterwards I couldn't help but think 'wow, I am looking pretty big at the mo!'. I'm normally a size 10 so having a large belly is a bit alien to me.

That said, this could be a good thing as it might mean that both of our embryos have embedded. Fingers crossed! Apparently twin pregnancies are very different to singletons and you get everything in double from the get go! So that's double the bloatedness, weight-gain, pains, tiredness, nausea and anything else I might be experiencing at the time. If I really am pregnant with twins I'll have progesterone coming from each one as well as the the extra progesterone I'll be taking throughout the first 3 months!

Exciting times!

Jess. xx

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