Thursday, 27 July 2017


We didn't have too long to wait for our pregnancy blood test results as the clinic called at 12.30. I'm really pleased to say that it was positive so we're officially 4 weeks pregnant! I'm really excited and we have our first scan booked for a few weeks! 

Jess. xx


Today is our OTD (Official Test Day) so this morning we made the one hour drive to the hospital and I had a HCG (Pregnancy) blood test. We now have to wait for the results to be forwarded to the Fertlity Clinic and a Nurse Co-ordinator will ring us with the news by the end of today.

I'll be sure to update you all once I know!

Today I'm feeling: Nervous. 

Jess. xx

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


We only have one day to go until it's official test day. Oh yeah! We're now 13DPT (13 days past transfer) and I'm feeling so pleased that I didn't cave and test early. (Other than when I tested to see if the trigger shot was still in my system! You can read about that here.).

Today I'm feeling really positive and excited. It's crazy how one day I feel down and on another I feel like I do today. It's all that progesterone from the Crinone Gel playing havoc with my hormones. What a game this is.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to go to the hospital and have a HCG (Pregnancy) blood test by 11.30am. The results will be rung through to the Fertility Clinic by early afternoon and a Co-ordinator will ring me with the result.

Here's a final update with the symptoms I've been experiencing since ET:


Sunday 23rd July 2017: I had bad period-like cramps all morning on and off. By 2pm they felt really bad. Just like when I'm about to come on. They were also really bad around 10pm and lasted about 20-30 mins.


Monday 24th July 2017: In the morning I had a twinge on the left hand side of my womb again and was peeing for England. I had no idea why as I hadn't drank any caffeine which would have been the cause pre-ivf when I was allowing myself to have it! I also had bright pink blood in the Crinone Gel and period-like pains around 8pm. By 8.47pm I was getting the twinge in the left hand side of my womb. It does make me wonder what on earth is going on in there!


Tuesday 25th July 2017: I felt sick in the middle of the night and when I woke up the smell of toast cooking made me feel a bit queasy. This is unusual for me as I love toast and eat it most days! I also noticed that the bloated heavy belly was back so I had to undo my skinny jeans. At some point I had the twinge on my left hand side of my womb again and by 10pm I felt really tired. I was also feeling sick and incredibly bloated to the point where I had to lay on my side.


Wednesday 26th July 2017: That's today! It's only 10.30am so there's not much to report as yet other than this morning I woke up having hot flushes. These continued for about an hour or so but I feel alright now. My belly is still pretty bloated so I've decided to stay in my PJ's for the day! 

Here's an updated summary of all the symptoms I've had in total:

Total Symptoms (ET-13DPT)

Feeling bloated / heavy stomach

Mild period-like pains / cramps

Strong period-like pains / cramps

Painful twinges

Strange piercing feeling in the centre of my womb

Extreme tiredness 

Sore nipples

Blood spotting

Feeling sick

Feeling queasy

Back ache

Diarrhoea (ever since I started using Crinone Vaginal Gel).

Weight loss (because of the above! - not much, just a few lbs).

Feeling down/moody/emotional/like crying sometimes

Hot flushes

Frequent urination

I think it's important to note that most or all of these symptoms are more than likely down to the Crinone Gel (progesterone) that I am still taking. Progesterone mimics pregnancy symptoms so analysing them in terms of pregnancy would just drive me mad. Many women get their BFPs after experiencing no symptoms at all. This has certainly been the case for me when being pregnant in the past. I had no idea both times.


Today I'm feeling: Happy, excited, positive and glad that we're going to know one way or the other by tomorrow!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's been reading this blog (my stats show me that you're there!). I'll update you all with what happens tomorrow. No matter what the outcome is I'll be back at some point to either give you pregnancy updates or to talk about what we'll be doing next. 

There's a subscribe box in the side-bar on the right of this blog if you want to get updates every time I post.

Good luck if you're on an IVF or pregnancy journey of your own!

Jess. xx

Sunday, 23 July 2017


Wow! So we've been going through the whole IVF thing for 46 days now. It feels like it's flown by in some kind of drugged up bubble. Then again, it has to be said that the 2WW kinda goes by slow. For me personally it's been a real rollercoaster of emotions where I never know how I'm going to feel about it all from one day to the next. You'll see what I mean if you read on.

We're now 10DPT (10 days past transfer) after having a 2DT (2 day transfer). Today I'm feeling pretty good overall. I found the first week difficult but things have got better as we've progressed into the second. My thoughts became quite negative around 3DPT with me feeling sad that we only get one go at IVF via the NHS. I confided in my fiance on Tuesday who said 'well if it doesn't work then we'll just have to find the money'. Needless to say after that I cheered up a bit!

Anyway, as before, I've been keeping a note of my symptoms so here's a little update of what's been going on:


Sunday 16th July 2017: After feeling sick, bloated, lethargic and like I had a really heavy stomach the day before (you can read about that here) it was a relief that I felt normal on this day. Too normal actually to the point where I was like 'hang on, where have all my symptoms gone?'. It's funny how they feel bad when you have them but once there gone you kinda want them back. Just in case they're signs of pregnancy. You hold on to that every bit of hope. Anyway the symptoms were soon back by the evening where I had sore nipples and a heavy bloated belly again!


Monday 17th July 2017: On this day I experienced blood spotting in the Crinone Vaginal Gel, sore nipples and period-like cramps. At 9pm the cramps got particularly painful. I felt bloated and had a strange twinge/pain on my left side (probably where my ovary is if I'm honest). By 8pm the twinge was pulsating to the point where I could count the seconds between each one. It was so strange and I had to stop what I was doing and lay down. 

I must also mention that in the morning I had a call to say there were no embryos good enough to freeze. Out of the 5 left one had made it to blastocyst stage which I was advised to take as a good sign for the two that we had put back in. 

Knowing that we have no frosties started to make me worrying about our chances being taken away even more. What if this cycle doesn't work out? What on earth are we going to do?


Tuesday 18th July 2017: I had a good night's sleep but woke up at 7.30am with the painful pulsating twinges on my left side again. Just like the day before I could count the seconds between them, although it would vary and sometimes be 4 seconds or sometimes as long as 10! I also felt very bloated on this day.

The worrying continued and I confided in my finace who reassured me that we could try to find the money for another go if we needed to. I felt a lot better after hearing that.


Wednesday 19th July 2017: Not sure what happened on this day as I haven't written anything down!


Thursday 20th July 2017: As above!


Friday 21st July 2017: This was the day that things really changed for me as I decided that the best thing I can do is get on with my life during the 2WW, almost pretending that none of this is happening. I know that's much easy said than done but I got on and cleaned my house (without using cleaning products because my consultant advised me to be careful of them. Oh, and I left the hoovering to my fiance as apparently that can be bad too!). I was determined that by the next day I would be getting up and dressed and out of my pj's that I've been slobbing around in for about 45 days!

Symptoms wise, I had a really strange piercing feeling right in the centre of my womb. It was very prominent and not like anything I've ever felt before. The only way I can describe it is a bit like a piercing or a needle going in and it was on the edge of being painful. It lasted about 5-10 seconds and I couldn't help but wonder if it was an implantation pain?


Saturday 22nd July 2017: I had very strong period-like pains for about 4 hours on and off during the night. It was so bad it would wake me up. I also had blood spotting in the Crinone Vaginal Gel again which was a little out of the blue after not having this for 4/5 days. Again, I couldn't help but wonder if implantation had occurred the day before. This really is classic symptom checking/analysing at it's best! But if someone told me I'm pregnant and to put money on when implantation had occurred Fri 21st would be it! 

Here's an updated summary of all the symptoms I've had so far:

Symptoms so Far (ET-9DPT)

Feeling bloated / heavy stomach

Mild period-like pains / cramps

Strong period-like pains / cramps

Painful twinges

Strange piercing feeling in the centre of my womb

Extreme tiredness 

Sore nipples

Blood spotting

Feeling sick

Back ache

Some I've forgotten to mention!

Diarrhoea (ever since I started using Crinone Vaginal Gel).

Weight loss (because of the above! - not much, just a few lbs).

Feeling down/moody/emotional/like crying sometimes

Hot flushes

Today I'm feeling: Happy enough in myself. Really grateful to have such a loving and supportive fiance who's been great through all of this. Glad that I'm not so bloated anymore and I wore my skinny jeans for the first time in ages today. (A good thing or not? I don't know - you tell me!). I could wear them for ages because I felt so bloated and it would hurt the places where I had my injections.

It's only 4 days until OTD (Official Test Day) now! That's a good point actually - I found a box of pregnancy tests upstairs so I must get my fiance to hide them!

Jess. xx

Sunday, 16 July 2017


Around 12 noon today I randomly decided to take a pregnancy test. Yes I am only 3DPT after a 2DT, however I feel like if I know when the Ovitrelle is out of my system then any positive tests will be for real. Just in case you don't know Ovitrelle (the trigger shot) can cause pregnancy tests to show up positive. As a rule it can take up to 10 days to leave your system after injecting it.

Anyway, the test was negative so I guess that means it's well and truly gone. My trigger shot was 7 days ago so that sounds about right. Now I just need to try and avoid testing until my official test date. Although it would be lovely to see a positive test I think seeing lots of negative ones would be soul destroying. 

If you've had IVF did you make it through the 2 week wait without testing?

Jess. xx


We're now 3DPT (3 days past transfer) after having a 2DT (2 day transfer) and it has to be said, I'm feeling pretty emotional today. I've been thinking a bit more negatively this morning and wondering what on earth we're going to do if this hasn't worked. We only get one go via the NHS so I feel quite pressured, even though at this stage it's pretty much out of my control. I'm doing everything I can in terms of eating right and making sure I don't overdo it. However I also think staying positive is key so I'm going to try and knock these negative emotions on the head!

That said, the 2WW is a really difficult time. I feel like I want someone to reassure me that it's worked. Of course I do. That's only natural. It doesn't help that I'm getting all these symptoms which could be related to any number of things such as pregnancy (please let it be that), PMT (noooo!) or the drugs I've been taking such as the Ovitrelle trigger shot (you can read about that here) or the Crinone Vaginal Gel. It's like hormone city in my body right now!

Anyway, I've been keeping a note of my symptoms as I think it'll be interesting to see how they're linked to the overall outcome in the end. Here's what I have so far:

ET (Embryo Transfer) Day

Thursday 13th July 2017: This was the day of the transfer and following the procedure I had very mild period-like pains. They were nothing to worry about and we went out for dinner so they definitely were not bad. I went to bed at 6.30pm that night and slept for 12 hours as I was so tired! I also had sore nipples throughout the day which I've been having since the trigger shot.


Friday 14th July 2017: I felt much better but had some really crazy and quite painful twinges on my left side in the night when I turned over. I have no idea what that was about. I was still getting mild period-like pains on and off every now and again too. I also noticed that when the day's Crinone Gel came out it was blood stained. I think that's probably my EC (Egg Collection) wounds healing. When laying in bed (around 10.30pm) I had quite strong period-like cramps. 


Saturday 15th July 2017: I woke up feeling sick, and my stomach felt really bloated and heavy. This went on all day making me feel really lethargic. I attempted to go out shopping but whilst in the second shop it felt unbearable and I needed to go home and sit down. Once at home I fell asleep for an hour. Other symptoms I felt throughout the day included blood spotting in the Crinone Gel, mild period-like pains and I had back ache. 

I'm going to summarise my symptoms in a list and update it each time I blog:

Symptoms so Far (ET-2DPT)

Feeling bloated / heavy stomach

Mild period-like pains / cramps

Strong period-like pains / cramps

Painful twinges

Extreme tiredness 

Sore nipples

Blood spotting

Feeling sick

Back ache

Today I'm feeling: Very good physically with no symptoms as yet (it's only 10.30am though!). A bit emotional - where have all my symptoms gone? Is this a good or bad thing? I wish the 2WW was over. Should I cave and do a pregnancy test? (I know that's a silly idea don't worry. It's far too soon and I probably still have hormones in my system from the trigger which could show a false positive!).

On a side note: We'll find out if any of our embryos were good enough to freeze tomorrow. I'm not holding out much hope as on Thurs they were not. Still, you never know!

Jess. xx

Friday, 14 July 2017


Good news - we're officially pupo as we had 2 embryos transferred yesterday afternoon. Now it's just a waiting game. We'll be having our pregnancy blood test in a couple of weeks so I'll let you all know how we get on with that.

In the meantime I need to make sure I use Crinone Vaginal Gel every morning (as I have been since the day after egg transfer) because this helps with implantation. 

This is all very exciting for us. We really hope these embryos stick as we would love some twinnies! That's the dream. 

Jess. xx

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Just in case I have to go through this again at some point I thought I would write my own personal IVF survival list. Hopefully this will help some of you guys too! Here it is:

Food & Drink:

Bottles of Water - Drinking lots of water is really important when going through IVF. I felt quite thirsty at times.

Prunes / Prune Juice - For after EC. Not sure why but I was really constipated! (TMI - Sorry).

Brazil Nuts - I eat 3 a day. They're amazing for protein apparently. 

Avocados - Some say this triples your success rate!

Many say a high protein and low carb diet is what's best. A bit like the mediterranean diet. I must admit, I haven't ditched the carbs but have def upped my protein intake. 

Beauty Products:

Face Spritz - For hot flushes! I had a few of those. It didn't help that it's been an incredibly hot summer here in the UK though.

A good cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream - Everyday must haves anyway but I find these really help my skin.

Bio Oil - I use this to help with the bruises from the injections on my stomach. I make sure it's at a time when we're not injecting though. So maybe sometime after injecting when I know I'll be having a shower before injecting again. (Over cautious I guess). 

Champneys Heavenly Days Sleep Temple Balm - For those days when I'm struggling to sleep. This didn't happen until after I stopped all the drugs (they made me super tired!). It was after egg collection that I needed this. I guess I was worried about what was going to happen next and couldn't sleep. 

Femfresh Shower Gel - I use it every day, but it's especially good for egg collection day as no perfumed products are allowed.

Medication etc:

Paracetamol - It's great to have this to hand in case I get a headache when downregging. I think I had two quite bad headaches altogether but don't remember actually taking any paracetamol. 

Sanitary Towels - I only used these after egg collection as I got a little bit of spotting. But barely any to be fair. I would have been okay without them.


Comfy Clothes - Having IVF has made me pretty bloated so I've had to ditch my skinny jeans and anything with a tight waist band. Instead, opting for super comfy pyjamas and leggings with floaty tops. 

Magazines - I mainly needed them when waiting to have egg collection at the hospital but as my down reg and stim meds made me feel tired I read a lot whilst on the sofa too.

A Diary or Blog - Writing this blog has really helped to get my thoughts straight. 

Time off Work - Being able to sleep when I need to sleep and rest when I need to rest has been such a help. 

Eliminate Negativity - It's easier said than done (my poor nan battled Cancer and passed away whilst I've been going through this process). But we can stay away from negativity where possible. 

Most Importantly - Stay chilled! Relaxing is key. 

Jess. xx


The embryologist called this morning and it turns out there was a hidden egg. So we have 9 altogether! Apparently my eggs and my fiances sperm had a bit of a party in that dish last night because they all fertilized!

However 2 were abnormal so we now have 7 embryos. We're really happy as you can imagine. Now it's a waiting game to see how they progress. If all goes well transfer will be tomorrow as planned or Friday. How exciting!

Today I'm we're feeling: Over the moon!

Have you ever had your eggs collected? If so, how many did you get?

Jess. xx


Yesterday I wrote about how many eggs we had collected (you can read that post here) and today I thought I would write a bit about my experience of having the egg collection itself. So we got to the hospital at 8am and were greeted by all the lovely NHS staff members and then shown to my bed. 

I was asked to put on a hospital gown and my slippers and dressing gown that I had packed myself. I got out all my magazines as we didn't know what time our egg collection would be. Soon after that we were informed that we had been moved to second on the list. I think that was because I get sick when having general anaesthesia. 

Doctors always make sure that they give me anti-sickness medication which does the trick. However, they don't know if it will work so I expect they thought they would get me in sooner rather than later. That way if I am sick I've got more time in the day to recover and hopefully go home.

Throughout our time in hospital we were continuously asked the same questions over and over again. This is so that no mistakes are made (e.g. a mix up of eggs or sperm - can you imagine?!!!). I joked with my fiance and said 'imagine if we have a baby and it has the man opposites face'. But it's no laughing matter really because apparently these things do happen! Anyway, I digress!....

About 9am my fiance was called to give his sperm sample. Then not long after he got back (probably about 9.30) it was time for me to have my eggs collected. The whole procedure was straight forward and couldn't have gone better. They gave me the anaesthetic and the next thing I knew I had woken up and was wheeled back to my space on the ward. 

I was really glad to see my fiance and that it was finally all over. Like I said, it couldn't have gone any better but I was a little nervous before I went in. Following the procedure a nurse came to see me and asked if I was in any pain. I was in a little bit of pain and she told me I could have some morphine if I wanted. We agreed to wait 15 mins to see how I felt. 

The one thing I noticed was that my arms and legs were shaking pretty badly and I was sweating a little so didn't feel the best. It turns out this was just hypoglycemia as once I was given a couple of slices of toast I felt pretty good. That's typical of me as hypoglycemia is something I suffer with every day.

It's now been about 36 hours since egg collection and I'm pleased to say that I haven't taken any pain killers at all. Not even paracetamol! The pain just hasn't been bad enough. I can barely feel it at all. I've had a little bit of blood spotting but other than that I'm feeling pretty good! Better than I have over the past month I would say.

Jess. xx


As I said in a previous post I had to have an ovulation injection (Ovitrelle) on Sunday 11th July specifically at 9.30pm. This was 36-38 hours before my planned egg collection to ensure that ovulation was triggered at the correct time. 

As far as side effects go I didn't really have any other than slightly sore nipples. This is a side effect that hasn't gone but isn't bothering me in the slightest. 

In terms of having the drug itself, my finance administered it via an injection in my stomach which didn't hurt at all. However, I was left with a tiny bruise which is to be expected when you have so many injections in the same place. We stuck to the stomach throughout IVF as that's where I have the most fat (compared to my thighs which was the other suggested area to inject).

Have you had Ovitrelle before? If so, did you get any side effects?

Jess. xx

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Some of you might remember that when we had our final progress assessment we only had 5 follicles that were a good size, 2 that were somewhere behind and 9 that were so small I'm sure the consultant was hinting that they probably wouldn't grow. So in my head I thought we would probably have 7 follicles today if we were lucky. And if we were really lucky maybe 6 of those would have eggs in. Although I would have been happy to have had 5, maybe even 4.

About 30 mins before egg collection today I said so my fiance 'please prepare yourself that we may only get about 2 eggs'. He 'said why are you being so negative?'. I said 'I'm not being negative, I'm being realistic'. I assured him that I felt okay. I just didn't want to have unrealistic expectations. Well, it just goes to show what I know because on the IVF journey anything can happen and guess what? We got 8 eggs!

8 EGGS!!!!

I'm so happy. When the embryologist told us I shed 1 small tear of joy! (I wonder if she noticed? My fiance said he saw! Lol). I couldn't help but wonder where all the eggs came from? Apparently some of the follicles that I had somehow convinced myself wouldn't grow, did. I don't know who's watching over us (maybe my nan - remember she passed away 2 weeks ago and her funeral was yesterday?!). Anyway, whoever or whatever it is, from a science or spiritual point of view I'm so grateful. So blessed. 

It feels like we have a pretty good chance. Of course anything could go wrong at any stage, but as far as I'm concerned, so far so good.

Anyway that's all for this post, but I'll blog about the trigger injection and egg collection later. 

Today I'm feeling: The best I have all month! So happy. So alert. So positive. I feel like I've got baby dust sprinkled all over me! 

Jess. xx

Sunday, 9 July 2017


As yesterday was the last day of taking Gonal-F I thought I would share what I think of it overall. So, one positive is that I haven't felt the injections - those are nothing to worry about at all. The negatives are that it made me feel a bit flat, incredibly tired and just generally not myself. My fiance thinks I might be reacting to it in a way that's a bit back to front. Because we were advised that the Buserelin might make me feel a bit flat (along with lots of other possible side-effects) but by the time I get to the stims stage (e.g I start taking Gonal-F) I should perk right up. However, my reaction has been the total opposite!

Still, just like with the Buserelin I feel like I've got off pretty lightly when it comes to side-effects. If anyone asked me what do I think of my experience so far having gone through (or going through) IVF, I would say it's actually quite bearable. It's not been easy feeling crazy tired all the time but it's not unbearable either. However, I believe it's been made better for me because I work from home. I'm in a great position where if I want to sleep I can sleep and work later, or even just take the day off. That's def helped a lot. 

Going through IVF is a real game in itself and the truth is none of us know how we are going to react. Personally I would say the emotional side of it is much harder than the physical. (So far touch would - don't forget I've still got my EC and (hopefully) ET to go! 

Jess. xx


Yesterday I had the last Gonal-F injection (so I had it for 10 days in total). Yay! I can't say I'm sorry to see it go. I feel like I got on really well with Buserelin, having had barely any side-effects. Buserelin seems to make me very tired but far more chilled than normal. I'm quite an anxious person at times and it was nice not to feel like that for a change. Although feeling so tired that you don't trust yourself to drive isn't ideal, I definitely enjoyed being more relaxed. Gonal-F seemed to change that feeling and I was on edge sometimes. But I also had no energy at all. 

Today was also the last day of Buserelin injections too so there's now only one more injection to go! That's the ovulating injection (Ovitrelle) which I'll be having at 9.30pm tonight. I have to have this 36-38 hours before my planned egg collection which is Tues morning, so stay tuned to find out what happens with that!

Today I'm feeling: Happy and pretty alert if I say so myself! High five to no more injections. I def got off lightly as far as side effects go and none of the injections have hurt at all (maybe the odd little prick here and there but nothing noticeable). My fiance has been brilliant at giving them. 

Jess. xx

Friday, 7 July 2017


We had our second progress scan today. Egg Collection is going ahead as planned on Tues. Some of you might remember they found 16 follicles on Wed. Well I now have 5 that are 14, 15, 15.5, 16 and 18mm and 2 that are currently 12mm. The rest are below 10. I don't know what to think, but have to stay positive as good quality eggs are what we are aiming for rather than lots of follicles.

According to the consultant, they are looking for follicles that are 14mm at least, so I currently have 5. It doesn't seem like very many to me, however we still have 4 days to go and it only takes 1 egg. 

Today I'm feeling: A bit flat. Trying to remain positive.

Jess. xx

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Time seems to be flying by really fast now. We had our first progress assessment today and the consultant said things are looking good. As usual I had to have a transvaginal ultrasound which took a little bit longer than before as they had to count how many follicles I have. 

They found 16 altogether. 3 are very good. 2 are okay and the rest need to grow. So I've had to up my dosage of Gonal-F to 450 IU (previously I was on 300). As we don't have enough of the drug I'm having an urgent delivery some time tomorrow morning. According to our consultant this result is spot on as we don't want anymore than 20. That's when you're at risk of getting OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome). Let me tell you, there isn't anyone in the world that's going to be wanting that. It sounds awful!

My next progress scan is on Friday so be sure to check back here and I'll tell you all about what happens with that. By this time next week I should have had my eggs collected (under general anesthetic) and be waiting for implantation if all goes well!

Today I'm feeling: Alright! I was tired. Had a 1 hour sleep in the afternoon and was pretty good after that. I definitely struggle to think when I'm taking this stuff though. I had to write something this morning and what should have taken me 15 mins took me about 2 hours! I honestly don't know how people get on when they're employed and can't choose when they want to work. Still, I guess everyone reacts differently?

Jess. xx



This probably isn't what some of you were expecting but the pregnancy worked out and we finally have our baby girl!  I'm sorry...