Thursday, 26 October 2017


Thurs 8th June: Started IVF injections.
Tues 11th July: Egg collection.
Thurs 13th July: 2 embryos transferred.

2 week wait.

Thurs 27th July: Pregnancy blood test at the hospital. Positive test confirmed in the afternoon.
Wed 16th Aug: First scan. 1 foetus seen with a very strong heartbeat. 
Sat 26th Aug: Pregnancy symptoms have disappeared. A private scan confirms the baby/foetus no longer has a heartbeat. It's measuring as it should, minus 1 day so it is about 8 weeks + 3 days old.

There's no bleeding or sign of miscarriage for 2 weeks and 2 days.

Tues 12th Sept: Went into labour for 10 hours. 
Wed 13th Sept: Went into labour again. 
Thurs 14th Sept: Emergency op to remove foetus under anesthetic.

Light bleeding following the op (for 17 days with 2 days where it's heavy in between) which turns into crazy, out of control heavy bleeding for another 10 days. Then it suddenly stopped for 2 days, then there was a night of heavy bleeding and then it pretty much stopped). 

Thurs 12th Oct: I finally get a negative pregnancy test.

Sun 15th Oct: (4 weeks and 3 days after the op). The bleeding has stopped.

Sat 21st Oct: I get positive ovulation tests on a cheap Amazon test and a Clearblue smiley face one. So the crazy bleeding was a period on top of my miscarriage. This is a great sign as it means we can have started trying again!!!!

Sun 22nd Oct: Positive ovulation tests.

Mon 23rd Oct: Positive ovulation tests.

Tues 24th Oct: Positive ovulation tests.

Wed 25th Oct: Positive ovulation tests.

Thurs 26th Oct: Finally after 5 days of positive ovulation tests I get a negative one!

If anyone knows possible reasons why I have had positive ovulation tests 5 days in a row please enlighten me! After I had the miscarriage I followed my hormone levels back down to 0 when I finally got a negative pregnancy test so it's not left over hormones from the pregnancy. 

I took another pregnancy test on Tues which came up negative too. Just out of interest really as at the time I couldn't be pregnant because I've been bleeding too much to try for another baby. Obviously we've been making the most of these positive ovulation tests though. Ha ha!

Jess. xx


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