Wednesday, 26 July 2017


We only have one day to go until it's official test day. Oh yeah! We're now 13DPT (13 days past transfer) and I'm feeling so pleased that I didn't cave and test early. (Other than when I tested to see if the trigger shot was still in my system! You can read about that here.).

Today I'm feeling really positive and excited. It's crazy how one day I feel down and on another I feel like I do today. It's all that progesterone from the Crinone Gel playing havoc with my hormones. What a game this is.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to go to the hospital and have a HCG (Pregnancy) blood test by 11.30am. The results will be rung through to the Fertility Clinic by early afternoon and a Co-ordinator will ring me with the result.

Here's a final update with the symptoms I've been experiencing since ET:


Sunday 23rd July 2017: I had bad period-like cramps all morning on and off. By 2pm they felt really bad. Just like when I'm about to come on. They were also really bad around 10pm and lasted about 20-30 mins.


Monday 24th July 2017: In the morning I had a twinge on the left hand side of my womb again and was peeing for England. I had no idea why as I hadn't drank any caffeine which would have been the cause pre-ivf when I was allowing myself to have it! I also had bright pink blood in the Crinone Gel and period-like pains around 8pm. By 8.47pm I was getting the twinge in the left hand side of my womb. It does make me wonder what on earth is going on in there!


Tuesday 25th July 2017: I felt sick in the middle of the night and when I woke up the smell of toast cooking made me feel a bit queasy. This is unusual for me as I love toast and eat it most days! I also noticed that the bloated heavy belly was back so I had to undo my skinny jeans. At some point I had the twinge on my left hand side of my womb again and by 10pm I felt really tired. I was also feeling sick and incredibly bloated to the point where I had to lay on my side.


Wednesday 26th July 2017: That's today! It's only 10.30am so there's not much to report as yet other than this morning I woke up having hot flushes. These continued for about an hour or so but I feel alright now. My belly is still pretty bloated so I've decided to stay in my PJ's for the day! 

Here's an updated summary of all the symptoms I've had in total:

Total Symptoms (ET-13DPT)

Feeling bloated / heavy stomach

Mild period-like pains / cramps

Strong period-like pains / cramps

Painful twinges

Strange piercing feeling in the centre of my womb

Extreme tiredness 

Sore nipples

Blood spotting

Feeling sick

Feeling queasy

Back ache

Diarrhoea (ever since I started using Crinone Vaginal Gel).

Weight loss (because of the above! - not much, just a few lbs).

Feeling down/moody/emotional/like crying sometimes

Hot flushes

Frequent urination

I think it's important to note that most or all of these symptoms are more than likely down to the Crinone Gel (progesterone) that I am still taking. Progesterone mimics pregnancy symptoms so analysing them in terms of pregnancy would just drive me mad. Many women get their BFPs after experiencing no symptoms at all. This has certainly been the case for me when being pregnant in the past. I had no idea both times.


Today I'm feeling: Happy, excited, positive and glad that we're going to know one way or the other by tomorrow!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's been reading this blog (my stats show me that you're there!). I'll update you all with what happens tomorrow. No matter what the outcome is I'll be back at some point to either give you pregnancy updates or to talk about what we'll be doing next. 

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Good luck if you're on an IVF or pregnancy journey of your own!

Jess. xx

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