Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Yesterday I wrote about how many eggs we had collected (you can read that post here) and today I thought I would write a bit about my experience of having the egg collection itself. So we got to the hospital at 8am and were greeted by all the lovely NHS staff members and then shown to my bed. 

I was asked to put on a hospital gown and my slippers and dressing gown that I had packed myself. I got out all my magazines as we didn't know what time our egg collection would be. Soon after that we were informed that we had been moved to second on the list. I think that was because I get sick when having general anaesthesia. 

Doctors always make sure that they give me anti-sickness medication which does the trick. However, they don't know if it will work so I expect they thought they would get me in sooner rather than later. That way if I am sick I've got more time in the day to recover and hopefully go home.

Throughout our time in hospital we were continuously asked the same questions over and over again. This is so that no mistakes are made (e.g. a mix up of eggs or sperm - can you imagine?!!!). I joked with my fiance and said 'imagine if we have a baby and it has the man opposites face'. But it's no laughing matter really because apparently these things do happen! Anyway, I digress!....

About 9am my fiance was called to give his sperm sample. Then not long after he got back (probably about 9.30) it was time for me to have my eggs collected. The whole procedure was straight forward and couldn't have gone better. They gave me the anaesthetic and the next thing I knew I had woken up and was wheeled back to my space on the ward. 

I was really glad to see my fiance and that it was finally all over. Like I said, it couldn't have gone any better but I was a little nervous before I went in. Following the procedure a nurse came to see me and asked if I was in any pain. I was in a little bit of pain and she told me I could have some morphine if I wanted. We agreed to wait 15 mins to see how I felt. 

The one thing I noticed was that my arms and legs were shaking pretty badly and I was sweating a little so didn't feel the best. It turns out this was just hypoglycemia as once I was given a couple of slices of toast I felt pretty good. That's typical of me as hypoglycemia is something I suffer with every day.

It's now been about 36 hours since egg collection and I'm pleased to say that I haven't taken any pain killers at all. Not even paracetamol! The pain just hasn't been bad enough. I can barely feel it at all. I've had a little bit of blood spotting but other than that I'm feeling pretty good! Better than I have over the past month I would say.

Jess. xx

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