Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Good morning! Today I've been feeling really nauseous and have been throughout the night. I managed to get 9 hours sleep but kept waking up and when I did I felt sick. It's now nearly 11am and I've not eaten a thing. I'm not too bad if I keep still but as soon as I move it starts!

TMI - but I also have diarrhea. I can't work out whether this is pregnancy or if I'm actually ill. Also I'm suspicious of the Pregnacare Max tablets I'm taking as I've had diarrhea related issues ever since I've been pregnant and taking them.


The tests above were taken a few days ago when I was 4+5 and 25 DPO. I was so happy to see a test line stronger than the control line on the First Response and the 3+ on the Clearblue. I was expecting 1-2 as it measures from the date you conceived rather than how many weeks pregnant you are. I'm hoping this means I have a nice strong pregnancy and high levels of hcg.

This week's symptoms have been:

Feeling very thirsty.

Feeling bloated / heavy stomach.

Mild period-like pains / cramps.

Just under the nipples hurting (on and off).

The nipples stinging (on and off).

Pinching / stretching on both sides of the womb.

Feeling to hot, then too cold.

Peeing all the time (which now seems to have stopped since giving up de-caf coffee).

Heightened sense of smell.

Very light brown discharge when I wipe.

I've found the above symptom the most worrying and called the Early Pregnancy Unit for some reassurance yesterday. They said it's very common in early pregnancy and not to worry unless I'm in pain, it get worse or turns into red blood.

I don't get it every time I wipe but just every now and again. It's happened at least once a day for the past 5 days. Triggers seem to include going for a walk or for a number 2!!!

You've gotta love the TMI here. Lol. 

Jess. xx

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