Thursday, 25 May 2017


Today we went to the Assisted Conception Clinic. I had to have a routine transvaginal ultrasound examination and my fiance had a semen analysis. My results were all good and nothing was found. His results were really good and apparently he produced 10x more sperm than average.

When we get results like this it really does make me wonder what on earth is wrong with us. Why can we not just get pregnant naturally? I have a friend whose husband had really 'slow swimmers' and she has two children!! (My friend and her husband are lovely and so of course I'm happy for them, but still!). Anyway I digress....

The consultant that we saw today was the same man I saw back in April. He's a really lovely, friendly guy and I'm so happy that we are being dealt with by him. It just makes the whole process that little bit easier.

He told me to ring the clinic again on day 21 of my next period. Being the cheeky monkey that I am, I put it out there that I was in fact on day 7 right now, so could I call him on day 21 of this months cycle?

I don't know what got into me really as I'm never usually this assertive! He went off to speak to a Co-Ordinator. Then came back and said yes, they have a space for me! So that's it - today really is day 1 for us!

We were given an information pack which I'm about to read and the Co-Ordinator has just phoned me with my IVF schedule. Apparently I will be getting a phone call from a pharmacist who will be arranging for the drugs to be delivered (probably next week). We have loads of appointments booked now. I've decided to blog in real-time, as and when things happen.

All I can tell you is that my first set of injections will be starting in less than two weeks. These injections will switch off my system. I'll talk a bit more about this in another post!

Wish us luck!

Also I would love to hear from anyone going through a similar thing in the comments box below!

Jess. xx

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