Saturday, 3 June 2017


On Wednesday I had a call from the company delivering my IVF drugs and we arranged that they would be delivered on Friday (yesterday). I got given a 3 hour delivery time slot and on the day they called with a 1 hour window. Some of the drugs have to be refrigerated so I spent the morning cooking in a bid to free up some space in the fridge!


I'm starting some of these drugs on Thursday, so I guess that will be classed as day 1. As I already have my schedule I know the exact date I'm having our embryo transferred and it will be 5 weeks from Thursday. Not long at all!

There are 4 types of drugs that I'll be using in this treatment cycle:

1. Pituitary down-regulation
Drug: Buserelin (Suprecur)
(Apparently some get to use a nasal spray instead. I wonder how the consultant chooses who gets the spray and who gets the injections. Does anyone know?).

2. Ovarian superovulation
Drug: Gonal-F 
(Some use a drug called Menopur instead).

3. Ovulating injection
Drug: hCG Ovitrelle (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin).

4. Luteal Support
Drug: Crinone vaginal gel
(Some use Cyclogest pessaries).

Although I have my IVF information pack I don't know exactly how long I'll be taking each drug for. We have an appointment on Wednesday where we'll be shown how and when to administer the drugs. The consultant is also going to go through the IVF process again in much more detail. 

What drugs are you taking if you're on the IVF journey too?

Jess. xx

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