Saturday, 10 June 2017


Another day, another injection. I got my fiance to change sides this morning. I felt it a tiny bit more than usual but barely. I still liken it to the feeling that a fly may or may not have landed on you! It's just it might be a slightly bigger fly. 

I'm only a UK size 10 but I don't workout as much as I should (or at all at the moment). So I have quite a podgy belly and I tell you what I'm really grateful for it right now. Because I'm sure it's making the injections less painful! 

Last night was a bit of a weird one. I woke up at 4am after having a nightmare. I felt fine. Then after about a minute or so I started to feel a bit panicky. I ended up being awake for about an hour Googling random stuff like 'Buserelin effect on pregnancy'. That seems to be the new worry now. For once I don't actually want to be pregnant in case I am and this drug effects the baby.

I know IVF is stressful, but why can't I just relax?

Jess. xx

Today I've been feeling: Tired. I don't think I'm getting any side effects from the Buserelin yet. Unless the tiredness is one? But that could just be down to lack of sleep.

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