Sunday, 9 July 2017


As yesterday was the last day of taking Gonal-F I thought I would share what I think of it overall. So, one positive is that I haven't felt the injections - those are nothing to worry about at all. The negatives are that it made me feel a bit flat, incredibly tired and just generally not myself. My fiance thinks I might be reacting to it in a way that's a bit back to front. Because we were advised that the Buserelin might make me feel a bit flat (along with lots of other possible side-effects) but by the time I get to the stims stage (e.g I start taking Gonal-F) I should perk right up. However, my reaction has been the total opposite!

Still, just like with the Buserelin I feel like I've got off pretty lightly when it comes to side-effects. If anyone asked me what do I think of my experience so far having gone through (or going through) IVF, I would say it's actually quite bearable. It's not been easy feeling crazy tired all the time but it's not unbearable either. However, I believe it's been made better for me because I work from home. I'm in a great position where if I want to sleep I can sleep and work later, or even just take the day off. That's def helped a lot. 

Going through IVF is a real game in itself and the truth is none of us know how we are going to react. Personally I would say the emotional side of it is much harder than the physical. (So far touch would - don't forget I've still got my EC and (hopefully) ET to go! 

Jess. xx

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