Wednesday, 7 June 2017


We've just got back from the hospital having had a two hour session with a clinician. She talked through our treatment plan once again and we learnt how to administer the drugs. We also practised doing injections on a dummy piece of flesh using water. 

From day one we decided that my fiance would be doing the injections as it's really not my thing. I'll be having them in my stomach to start, although you can choose to do it in the thigh as well. According to the clinician many people get their husband or partner to do it at first but end up doing it themselves. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes!

So it's official. Tomorrow is day 1 of IVF and I'll be having my very first Buserelin injection in the morning. This part of the treatment is the 'downregulation of ovaries' and it starts on day 21 of the menstrual cycle. These injections will be administered once a day until a nurse tells us to stop. It's estimated that I'll be taking them for 33 days, so should be stopping on 9th July. A few days before egg collection. 

Apparently down reg (as they call it) can cause some side effects as it's similar to what women experience when going through the menopause. Hot flushes, tiredness and headaches could all be part of my day to day life soon. Oh the joy! I'm not looking forward to this at all if I'm honest but going to try my hardest to use mind over matter to overcome any symptoms I get. Of course there will probably be bruising, swelling and some minor inflammation in the areas we do the injections but I'm not too worried about that. 

I'll give you another update tomorrow and let you know how we get on!

Jess. xx

Today I've been feeling: Mildly sick on the way to the appointment (that's just anxiety for some reason). Overwhelmed. A bit lost. Really tired. 

We haven't told any of our friends we're going through this. Not because we don't trust them. Just because we are struggling to get our heads around it all ourselves and don't want any extra pressure. In a way I wish I had told one or two just so I can have a bit of a chat. Still, that's what this blog is for. Hopefully someone out there is benefiting from me writing this too! 

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