Saturday, 3 June 2017


I've been off of the contraceptive pill for 3 or 4 years and our attitude towards getting pregnant was very much if it happens it happens. (Or maybe more - it'll happen when it happens). I felt positive and didn't want to be one of those women who obsess over ovulation etc. I've been pregnant a few times before and by my fiance too, so it wasn't like we couldn't get pregnant. 

Yet looking back I realise that was some sort of fairy tail idealization. For us at least anyway. I guess we left it too late to start trying? I was 32 after all. 


When we were younger we weren't ready to start a family. I remember watching my friends get pregnant one by one and thinking it wasn't time for us yet. I also watched some of my friends really obsess over ovulation, getting pregnant and literally fall out over babies. 

That's just not me. I'm someone that claps when my friends do well and I've always been really happy for them when they got pregnant. I'm still the same now. The only difference is that I have also resorted to using ovulation tests every month too. 

My doctor advised me to do it so about a year ago I caved and started doing them every month. But I don't fully understand what's going on. My cycle is and has always been as regular as clockwork, arriving every 28 days without fail. Yet I seem to ovulate at all different times of the month. What the actual?

It's so confusing. At first I couldn't get a reading off any ovulation sticks at all and I got annoyed and stopped buying the damn things. Then when we started having our Preliminary IVF Investigations they said I'm ovulating no problem every time. So I started buying the tests again. 

Finally I started to see that smiley face, but much earlier than expected in my cycle - on day 11. My friend told me there's no need to keep testing anymore as once you work out what day you ovulate it will be the same each month. But it wasn't true for me.

I got the smiley face on day 11 every month for a while. But then it stopped. I got really disheartened and gave up buying the tests again. I told my doctor and she said that ovulation tests can cause a lot of anxiety which doesn't help with getting pregnant. I got the impression she was telling me not to bother with them and to just keep trying as we were.

Anyway, last week my fiance and I agreed that we should give getting pregnant a really good go as we are about to start IVF. (Like one last attempt at getting pregnant naturally if you like). So I thought, what the hell let's do the ovulation tests too. After all, I still had a load unused in the draw. I started testing on day 8 and got a smiley face straight away. 

I just don't get it and its got me wondering, what are the reasons for irregular ovulation? Especially when you get your period as regular as clockwork, every 28 days!

Does anyone know?

Jess. xx

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