Sunday, 16 July 2017


We're now 3DPT (3 days past transfer) after having a 2DT (2 day transfer) and it has to be said, I'm feeling pretty emotional today. I've been thinking a bit more negatively this morning and wondering what on earth we're going to do if this hasn't worked. We only get one go via the NHS so I feel quite pressured, even though at this stage it's pretty much out of my control. I'm doing everything I can in terms of eating right and making sure I don't overdo it. However I also think staying positive is key so I'm going to try and knock these negative emotions on the head!

That said, the 2WW is a really difficult time. I feel like I want someone to reassure me that it's worked. Of course I do. That's only natural. It doesn't help that I'm getting all these symptoms which could be related to any number of things such as pregnancy (please let it be that), PMT (noooo!) or the drugs I've been taking such as the Ovitrelle trigger shot (you can read about that here) or the Crinone Vaginal Gel. It's like hormone city in my body right now!

Anyway, I've been keeping a note of my symptoms as I think it'll be interesting to see how they're linked to the overall outcome in the end. Here's what I have so far:

ET (Embryo Transfer) Day

Thursday 13th July 2017: This was the day of the transfer and following the procedure I had very mild period-like pains. They were nothing to worry about and we went out for dinner so they definitely were not bad. I went to bed at 6.30pm that night and slept for 12 hours as I was so tired! I also had sore nipples throughout the day which I've been having since the trigger shot.


Friday 14th July 2017: I felt much better but had some really crazy and quite painful twinges on my left side in the night when I turned over. I have no idea what that was about. I was still getting mild period-like pains on and off every now and again too. I also noticed that when the day's Crinone Gel came out it was blood stained. I think that's probably my EC (Egg Collection) wounds healing. When laying in bed (around 10.30pm) I had quite strong period-like cramps. 


Saturday 15th July 2017: I woke up feeling sick, and my stomach felt really bloated and heavy. This went on all day making me feel really lethargic. I attempted to go out shopping but whilst in the second shop it felt unbearable and I needed to go home and sit down. Once at home I fell asleep for an hour. Other symptoms I felt throughout the day included blood spotting in the Crinone Gel, mild period-like pains and I had back ache. 

I'm going to summarise my symptoms in a list and update it each time I blog:

Symptoms so Far (ET-2DPT)

Feeling bloated / heavy stomach

Mild period-like pains / cramps

Strong period-like pains / cramps

Painful twinges

Extreme tiredness 

Sore nipples

Blood spotting

Feeling sick

Back ache

Today I'm feeling: Very good physically with no symptoms as yet (it's only 10.30am though!). A bit emotional - where have all my symptoms gone? Is this a good or bad thing? I wish the 2WW was over. Should I cave and do a pregnancy test? (I know that's a silly idea don't worry. It's far too soon and I probably still have hormones in my system from the trigger which could show a false positive!).

On a side note: We'll find out if any of our embryos were good enough to freeze tomorrow. I'm not holding out much hope as on Thurs they were not. Still, you never know!

Jess. xx

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